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ROGUE RIVER, LOWER: chinook, summer steelhead, “half-pounders”

Fall chinook are spread from the bay all the way through the lower river. Anglers fishing chinook in the estuary have had mixed success, but are picking up some large fish and the occasional coho. Some boat anglers are fishing the early morning in the lower river and then heading to the bay to fish the tides. Summer steelhead and “half pounders” (in-mature summer steelhead) are in the lower river, but anglers are reporting only fair success.

Flows in the Rogue River are running higher than normal due to the cold spring and winter snow pack. Anglers will want to keep track of the weather and water temperatures and can expect chinook to move more quickly out of the bay this year. On an annual basis ODFW seines the Rogue River at Huntley Park (approximately 8 miles upstream of highway 101) from July 15 to October 31 to monitor salmon and steelhead migrating upstream. Anglers wanting to fish the Rogue will find this information valuable in planning when to fish.

ODFW will post this information every two weeks starting July 31. Anglers are reminded that angling is restricted to artificial flies and lures Sept 1-Oct 31 between Foster Creek upstream to Whiskey Creek.

ROGUE RIVER, MIDDLE: steelhead, chinook, trout

Fall chinook are in the river near Grants Pass, and anglers are catching fish on Kwikfish with sardine wraps and roe. Summer steelhead are also available and are being caught on spinners. Reduced releases from Lost Creek Reservoir should improve fishing conditions on the middle river.

The Rogue is open for adipose fin-clipped rainbow trout. All nonadipose fin-clipped (wild) rainbow trout and all cutthroat trout must be released unharmed.

ROGUE RIVER, UPPER: steelhead, spring chinook, trout

Big changes come to the upper Rogue angling regulations this week as summer steelhead are making a good showing in the fishery. The annual artificial fly season begins Sept. 1 between the Gold Ray dam site and Cole Rivers Hatchery. Any type rod or reel is permitted, but no weights or other attachments may be used except a bobber. Fly anglers report success on steelhead using caddis nymphs and traditional steelhead patterns, with chartreuse being an effective color.

Fishing for chinook is closed between Dodge Bridge and Cole Rivers Hatchery. The river between Dodge Bridge and the old Gold Ray dam site remains open for chinook through August 31, and then this reach will close for chinook angling. A total of 1,205 summer steelhead and 5,731 spring chinook have entered Cole Rivers Hatchery as of Aug. 24. Hatchery steelhead continue to be recycled back into the fishery, with 400 scheduled to be released in the Gold Hill area later this week.

Anglers are reminded that trout fishing can be very good on the upper Rogue as well. Releases from Lost Creek Reservoir are scheduled to drop to 2,600 cfs by Sept. 1, which should improve fishing conditions.


The Rogue River above Lost Creek Dam will be stocked with trout this week. The premier summer trout fishery in the Rogue watershed is the river above Lost Creek Reservoir. This section of the river will be stocked weekly with rainbow trout through Labor Day. Most campgrounds and high use public access sites are stocked, and a map of stocking sites is available. Naturally produced trout are available in tributary streams, along with the South Fork and Middle Fork Rogue River for anglers wanting to fish more secluded areas. Brook trout dominate the tributaries of the upper Rogue, but rainbow, cutthroat and some brown trout are also available.

UMPQUA ESTUARY: sturgeon, striped bass, chinook

Crabbing has picked up with more legal-sized crab being caught. Some adipose-fin clipped coho have been caught recently off Osprey Point and Half Moon Bay. Chinook numbers are also increasing in the estuary and up to the 101 bridge, sturgeon are being caught below Reedsport. The Gardiner-Reedsport-Winchester Bay STEP program will be hosting their 15th annual Labor Day Salmon Derby this weekend. Tickets are available at several boat ramps and local merchants. For further information call Doug Buck at 541-271-3144.

The wild ocean coho season was extended to Sept. 1 – 10, with all days open. There will also be a wild coho season in the Umpqua from the mouth to Scottsburg which will open Sept. 15. Until that date, no non-fin clipped coho can be retained in the lower Umpqua River.

Anglers are being asked to stay clear of the commercial gill net Research Vessel being contracted by the ODFW to capture green sturgeon. The sturgeon are being captured, implanted with tracking devices, and released alive. Boats should avoid going between the Research Vessel and the large orange buoy which signals the end of the 600 foot net.

Check with the Coast Guard for new deadlines in the lower Umpqua when the bar is closed (541-271-4847).


Red Top Lake above Myrtle Creek will be stocked for Labor Day. Cliff, Buckeye, Twin, and Wolf are now accessible and were stocked with fingerlings recently. Other high lakes including Maidu, Bull Pup, Connie, Skookum and Fuller were not stocked this past weekend due to access problems but were stocked last year. However, over 15,000 fish were stocked in 2010 that will be catchable in 2011. Maidu is now accessible. Linda and Calamut are also accessible and were stocked with rainbow trout fingerlings in 2009 and 2010 instead of the normal brook trout. Anglers have reported catching some of these rainbows at Calamut. Both Linda and Calamut received some additional rainbows during mid-July 2010, with about 60 to 70 legal sized fish going into each of these two lakes.


Most of the various river sections in the Umpqua open May 28 for trout fishing. Check the regulations for gear and harvest restrictions throughout the basin.

UMPQUA RIVER, MAINSTEM: steelhead, sturgeon, chinook, bass, striped bass, trout

The mainstem Umpqua is closed to wild steelhead harvest, but remains open year-round for adipose fin-clipped steelhead. Please report anybody harvesting wild steelhead to OSP. Trout season opens May 28, check regulations for harvest and gear restrictions. Fall chinook and fin-clipped coho are being caught in the lower river. Sturgeon fishing has been slow recently. Remember only white sturgeon can be retained. Anglers are being asked to stay clear of the commercial gill net Research Vessel being contracted by the ODFW to capture green sturgeon. The sturgeon are being captured, implanted with tracking devices, and released alive. Boats should avoid going between the Research Vessel and the large orange buoy which signals the end of the 600 foot net.

Striped bass are also available and have been caught recently. Smallmouth bass fishing is good.

UMPQUA RIVER, NORTH: steelhead, trout

Trout season is open, check the regulations for gear and harvest restrictions. Fishing in the fly water has been slow. From Oct. 1 through June 30, 2011, single weighted barbless flies may be used. Fishing at Swiftwater improved as the water has warmed up and more steelhead have moved into the area. The chinook season in the North Umpqua closed Aug. 1.

UMPQUA RIVER, SOUTH: smallmouth bass, trout

The South Umpqua is open for trout and smallmouth bass fishing. Check the regulations for harvest and gear restrictions. The river has been high and cold, so there has not been much pressure for smallmouth bass. The South will slowly drop all week, improving fishing conditions. The South is closed to chinook fishing. The South Umpqua did have an algae advisory posted for the section near Myrtle Creek. For additional information contact the Harmful Algae Bloom program at 971-673-0400.

Rouge River Fishing is not Rogue River Fishing when you want to go Fishing in Oregon. The Rouge River is located in Quebec which is quite a drive from the Rogue River in Southern Oregon. No matter how you spell it, Rouge or Rogue, we guarantee you will have an Unforgettable Experience Fishing the Rogue River in Southern Oregon when you go fishing with one of the Rogue River Fishing Guides listed below.
These specific Rogue & Umpqua reports are from the Oregon Department of Fish and Game. If you need information about other rivers or rules and regulations you can find it at If you would like "Hands On" information contact the Recommended Fishing Guides or visit their Websites. You might want to bookmark this page as it is updated on a regular basis...

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